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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

In less than a month, Bureau of Land Management helicopters will descend on America’s beloved wild horse herds as roundup season begins in full force. The first target? The cherished wild mustangs that call California’s Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA) home.

Families will be broken apart, innocent animals will lose their freedom forever, and there will be casualties from the BLM’s brutal helicopter roundup operations. Enough is enough.

We refuse to let this tragedy occur outside of the public eye. That’s why we send observers to document as many of these roundups as possible — we must show the world what is happening to our wild horses in these remote regions of the West. We also document these roundups to hold the agencies and government contractors accountable for the animal welfare violations that are routine at every roundup.

This spring, we’ve trained a team of new roundup observers who are ready to deploy to every roundup possible. Training and sending observers out into the field for each roundup requires serious resources, but this work is critically important. So today, we have to ask: Will you please donate $25 or more to help us hold the BLM accountable?


We need all hands on deck — this fight is not just about keeping wild horses free, it’s also a fight for their very lives. Because right now, wild horses are dying in two major BLM holding facilities that are experiencing infectious disease outbreaks. Even worse – according to the agency’s own internal assessments — there are systemic animal welfare violations across multiple BLM corrals that hold thousands of captured mustangs and burros.

We must protect them. We’re using every resource at our disposal to ensure wild horses and burros stay where they are safest — in the wild and with their families. A key component of that work is documenting the real-life costs and consequences of the BLM’s costly and cruel management practices. Please, help us sustain our roundup observation program and fuel our field programs with an urgent donation today.


Thank you for your support,

Suzanne Roy
Executive Director
American Wild Horse Campaign

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