From the field ➡️ to Congress and the court


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We’ll be the first to admit that protecting America’s wild horses and burros is no easy feat.

The weather conditions at roundup observation sites can be particularly harsh, the time spent preparing for legal battles can go into the late hours of the night, and sometimes we feel like broken records combatting the misinformation spread by the cattle industry to Congress.

But we know — how we feel in these uncomfortable moments, pales in comparison to the pain our cherished wild horses and burros feel when they are chased into traps, breaking family bands apart and costing them their freedom forever.

We’re on a mission to preserve the freedom of wild horses and burros on the public lands they call home. And that starts with oversight.

From the reporting done by our observers in the field, to sharing these findings with Congress, to enacting life changing legislation for our wild herds, and taking the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to court — we’re leading the charge for oversight and reform of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program.

If you’re with us in our fight to preserve the freedom of America’s wild horses and burros, will you donate to fuel this critical work, today?


The movement to protect these cherished animals has not happened overnight. Our team has taken a calculated approach to fight for the protection of our wild herds in the field, in the courts, and on the Hill. We will not stop until wild horses and burros have true freedom on the public lands they call home.

Between video footage taken at roundups and documentation from our observation team, we are creating progress and enacting historic change. Right now, legislation has been introduced in Congress that would effectively ban the use of helicopter roundups as a population management tactic by the BLM.

Every court battle won and every victory in Congress brings us one step closer to preserving the freedom of these innocent animals.

If you’re with us in our fight in the field, in court, and on the Hill to protect America’s wild horses and burros, will you donate to fuel our efforts today?


Thank you,

American Wild Horse Campaign

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