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Chilly Pepper – DIRE EMERGENCY – 911 for Pregnant mare, stallion and baby loading TOMORROW & SHIPPING TOMORROW

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: How fast things change. Received an urgent call for these 4 lives. They were scheduled to ship today, but I now have until this evening to make a 50% down payment to buy 3 days. We need $9000 to bail these 4 lives, get them vetted and transported back home. God put them in front of me again, I did not go looking or even check up on them. All I know is I have to try. If you would like to help, PLEASE MARK YOUR DONATION FOR THE "LAST MINUTE HORSES". IF we do not get enough money, I will refund your donation for these horses. This is the 1st time I am questioning if ...
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Chilly Pepper – Quick Updatel – Trixie is thriving, & Current News and Help Needed to Keep Saving Lives!

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Quick Update. Trixie is doing fabulously. She is a happy, "Lead Mare" type of gal, and thinks she is our "gift". I love her madly and so appreciate the love and support that helped save her life. GG Norma is doing well. Although she is gaining lots of weight, we are still worried she might be pregnant. Ms. Tricks is also doing well and enjoying life at Camp Chilly Pepper. Sadly, due to having to move our WA "camp", Chilly Pepper needs some Extra help to be ready for this rescue season. However, the move is actually a HUGE BLESSING! Our Immediate Needs" _Foal Lac Powder, Hay in NV & WA, Fencing materials, $ for ...
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Chilly Pepper – Wild mare with a new baby needs your help. New Kids are here! Update on Rumors!

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Quick Note - Happy Mother's Day! This beautiful Mare & Foal Pair, Belle & Blondie, and one gorgeous yearling Gabby, are officially the first on the "Wild Side" at Camp Chilly Pepper! We now have starving GG Norma, the Mare & her weeks old foal, the yearling and so far we still have our precious Rumors. Sadly "Rumors" is not doing well and has a horrible heart issue. She is much like Norman was, not functioning with enough oxygen and struggling to survive. These horses need your help, and so do I, lol. Lots of special feed, vetting and transport costs are horrible right now. Please help if you can!! Thank you as ...
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Big Barney’s says, It’s Not Over Yet! There’s Still Time to Give Big!!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: You are giving big today, and we are so grateful. This is the spirit that changes lives! We are so close to our goal, with about $2000 to go, and if you give more, we'll add another load of hay to the list! Barney is another fan favorite. He came to AAE back in January 2019 with a bundle of issues. Barney was underweight by 250 to 300 pounds, he had respiratory issues, he had an intestinal issue, and he had some basic care needs that hadn't been met. He rebounded quickly. At one point, he was eating 54 pounds of pellets a day. Now, he's a pretty easy keeper and ...
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Chilly Pepper – Meet “RUMORS” – Beautiful, trampled filly rejected by Mama

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Idaho Mission - The sorting of the Idaho horses went perfectly. Of course there was a little excitement with some of the kids, but no one was injured and they are now being picked up by their adopters. Thank you for helping them. Us being able to bring our equipment and get them vetted meant the literal difference between adoptions or ???? BABY CALL - Phone rang last night and Cam and I jumped in the truck and headed out. This beautiful (approximately) 2 week old filly is a tough one. She was trampled by her band and her Mama just left her. Mama has zero interest in her so she was pulled and separated, hence ...
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Jennings says “On Your Mark, Get Ready, It’s Time to Go, Give!!”

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Our gratitude for your support is immense! Thank you! Your support is changing lives, one horse at a time!! Super great news, we've met our match, and as we write, we are more than halfway to our goal with $19,385, and we're narrowing the gap to $25,000. Jennings is another special horse that's here today because of you! He's still looking for his very special person, too. Are you his forever? JENNINGS Jennings is a handsome guy that came to AAE from the same distressed mustang sanctuary situation in the latter part of 2020. Like Chesney, Clare, and Teea, the sanctuary had cared for him (and many more), for about 20 ...
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