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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: IT'S GO TIME IN A BIG WAY!!! We have a rare chance to save MOM AND BABY!!! We are supposed to be picking up in approximately 19 hours, and we actually can save Mom too, - WITH YOUR HELP! As you can see this little "ANGEL", needs somewhat of a miracle. She is only about a week old, from what we understand. She has an injury to her leg which needs immediate and urgent care. At this age they are so delicate and it is obviously infected. They can go septic and crash so quickly. She needs immediate care. Please help us save Angel AND HER MAMA! We are constantly being asked why we didn't save the moms. Here is your chance! We do have the opportunity to save them both, but it is up to you. We have picked up 2 more orphans and another mare in the last week. So instead of the 15, we were working with EIGHTEEN, and that is just the number of orphans we have with us, not including any of the horses at home that have been rescued. Now we have the chance to save two more lives. But we need your help and we need it now. We have adopted out 3 in the last week, but we are still once again feeding 15 orphans. Yes, that is better than 18, but it still is excruciatingly expensive. The babies are all improving, but it is down to the wire for saving this Mare and Her Foal. The leg will definitely need immediate medical care, and we have to keep feeding every body. The horses Matt picked up a couple weeks ago will hopefully be ready for adoption in the near future. But until then, we ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Chilly Pepper's kids need your help today. We have 15 orphaned foals on hand, and we are going through milk and supplies like crazy. Every single baby has had to be seen by a vet, and most of them needed medication of some sort. Many are still on, or finishing up their meds, and happily all are guzzling milk like crazy. The simple fact is that to properly take care of an orphan foal, it is expensive. While the 7 NV kids' initial vet bill is being covered by AWHC and the Horse and Man Bucket Fund, Chilly Pepper is still incurring all the normal costs. In addition to all the vet bills for the NV babies, we are responsible for any ongoing vet bills and all of the expenses for all of them. Boring things like BioSponge, Probiotics, milk pellets, hay, shavings, etc. etc and of course the most expensive item, their milk powder, are costing well over $200 plus a day. It is imperative they get everything they need now, and they are. However, we need help to keep saving lives. We also need to maintain vehicles, trailers etc., and although the NV babies trickle in one or two at a time, (and those rescues are not as dramatic as the large groups we get at any one time), they still have the same costs once we get them, and we still need to buy milk and give them the best care possible. We have permanent residents at Chilly Pepper, as well as many other kids who are getting the TLC they need to be ready for their forever homes. It all depletes the budget, but is necessary to do what we do. We simply cannot save these lives without y'all ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: GOT MILK? We are going through milk by the gallons, and MORE BABIES ARE FLOODING IN, .WILL YOU HELP US SAVE THEM? Another 911 call. There are babies at the shipping yard and we need to buy them/pick them up by Sunday. There are at least 4, and those numbers are normally higher by the time we get there. The nursery also was put on notice that one of the Trappers has a large group of horses and will have  orphan foals for us next week. We need to make sure we can save them so they do not get left out on the range for coyote bait. CAN WE COMMIT TO THEM? It is up to you. We knew the rush would be here soon, and of course it is here before we are ready.Just by Sunday we will have 12 babies IF we get the funding needed to purchase, save, feed and vet them. This does NOT include the group coming in next week. As usual, we are still in the midst of one rescue, when the next one hits.But we are on the front line and we are the difference between life and death for these babies, not to mention all the adults we save along the way when we can. We were hoping to slow down, but instead the volume of babies in WA is doubling, and we are now once again the "go to" rescue for the Virginia Range orphaned foals in NV. As I write this, Travis is on his way to pick up 3 more in NV and bring them to Chilly Pepper. So you can be sure we will need all of your help, every time you want us to save more lives. YOU ARE THE ONES SAVING THESE LIVES! We simply cannot ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: IT IS BABY TIME ALL THE TIME!!!, and we need your help Now! It is "Go time" again, although it hasn't ever really stopped. They just keep ON coming, and we are about to get hit. It is the time of year when they will start coming in bunches. Now that we are the "go to" for the NV kids as well, we have even more responsibility, and it is keeping us running. More babies means more milk, and we are going through gallons. The baby in NV is heading to Comstock this morning, and Mel will be giving the new arrival the much needed Colostrum as soon as it gets there. Matt will is heading there now, so people everywhere are working on these babies. A big thanks to Stacy, Maureen Daane and AWHC for taking care of this baby and getting it to Comstock. We will be picking him up as soon as he is done at the vet. Mel has two babies available for adoption at our nursery in WA. The four that are still with me are not completely out of the woods, but doing well so far. Once again we need "milk money", as well as funding for all the other costs involved. We also need to replace our Colostrum supply at the Nursery in WA, as well as the Foal Response, and all the other goodies the newborns need. (Our babies need more help than the ones born domestically, as many of them are left behind due to illness or other physical issues.) Please donate today and let's keep on saving more lives!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP HELPING US SAVE MORE LIVES, YOU CAN GO TO: You can go to gofundmel You can go to ...
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It’s Finally Here! Big Day of Giving!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: It's Finally Here!!  The BIG Day of Giving!!   This event started at midnight and goes for 24 hours.  That is 24 hours to give where your heart is! Show your support! The horses needed you! This year, our goal is to engage at least 200 donors and raise $15,000 to help us FILL THE BARN to help support our feed and care costs!    Do you know what your donation could do?   Last year it cost over $80,000 for feed, supplements and general care for the horses at AAE! Your donation of any amount will help feed a horse, assist with the cost of veterinary care, or provide for other needs such as hoof care or dental care. Help us care for these majestic animals and donate today! Your donation makes a difference! $50 helps provide feed (hay) for a horse for about a month  $100 helps with a horse's feed and basic care for a month $500 helps provides hoof care for about 12 horses $1000 helps feeds 10 horses for about a month! Did you know you can sponsor a horse on a monthly basis? You can set up recurring donations and help AAE FILL THE BARN every month! Click here for more details! Help Us Make a Difference! How Can You Help?   DONATE You can donate to AAE and show your support! Donations as little as $15 make a big difference, and your gifts can help us win some of the $100,000 in prizes that are up for grabs! DONATE NOW! SHARE Let your networks know that you support our cause by sharing our posts on your social media accounts, or by creating and sharing a fundraising campaign. A good word from a donor like you is the most meaningful way ...
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Big Day of Giving Starts a Midnight!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Starting at Midnight! 24 Hours to Give Where your Heart Is! Starting midnight tonight, we are asking you to participate in another huge and historic event for our region, Big Day of Giving.  This event starts at midnight and you have 24 hours to join us. Once this starts, All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. (AAE) will join with over 600 other nonprofits working to make our region #1 as the most generous community in the country on this day of giving! As many of you know, AAE strives to support and further our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming abused, neglected and/or abandoned horses and other animals, as well as those in the auction/slaughter pipeline. This year, our goal is to engage at least 200 donors and raise $15,000 to help us FILL THE BARN to support our annual feed and care costs! Schedule your Gift Now! Your donation of any amount will help feed a horse or offset the cost of veterinary care, farrier care or dental care. $25 helps to provide feed (hay) to an average horse for about two weeks, $50 helps provide feed (hay) for an average horse for about a month, and $100 helps provides feed (hay) and basic care (farrier/dental care, deworming, vaccines) to an average horse for about a month! Help Us Make a Difference! How Can You Help?   DONATE You can donate to AAE STARTING MIGNIGHT! Donations as little as $15 make a big difference, and your gifts can help us win some of the $100,000 in prizes that are up for grabs! DONATE after midnight tonight! Or SCHEDULE your donation NOW! Why Wait?! Scheduled gifts will be processed tomorrow and will guarantee you help up meet our goal! So Easy!   SHARE ...
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