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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: ANOTHER 911 CALL! They just do not stop in our world. 2 More wild babies at the shipper's so far, (and most likely more to come!) Folks have seen multiple "traps" that are currently full of wild horses, right now, today! We received an urgent call for a group of kids that are shipping in a few days? 6 Domestics, 3 more older, "gentle giants", who were purportedly driving horses, and 3 older saddle horses. All of these horses worked their lives away, and now that they are no longer needed, they have been thrown in the trash. Let's show them that timing aside, no matter what time of year, their lives DO matter! Rescue is never convenient, and this is the worst time of year to be taking on more horses. However, their lives ALWAYS matter, even if it is freezing outside and it takes tremendous amounts of work to care for them. We will save as many as we can get funding for. But this means being responsible and knowing we have enough money to not only "buy them", but to vet them, transport them and feed and care for them properly through the winter months, or until we can get them adopted. So it will be up to y'all, as always. YOU decide how many more we can save. Y'all are amazing, but we simply cannot do this without you. We are exhausted, but we had to put it out there and give these guys a chance. Big Matt was colicking the 2nd night we got him. He is a hot mess, and needs lots of prayers. His heart rate was double what it should have been and the vet was very concerned. Sadly, he is a very long way from being "out of the woods'. We are hoping and ...
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Place Your Bids While There is Still Time!!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: THANK YOU for all of the GREAT THINGS you do to make it possible to help so many horses! It's auction time!  All About Equine's Second Chance Auction is live on our Facebook page. Like our horses, these items are in need of a new home and a second chance! We hope you will find something you can't live without, so help the horses by bidding!  All the proceeds from the online auction go directly to care for horses and ongoing operations at AAE! We are so grateful to all of our donors for providing AAE with these items to feature! If you have an item you'd like to donate and be featured in one of our online auctions, please contact dani@allaboutequine.org. THANK YOU! Our current 2nd Chance Online Auction is open!     Check out all our items!!    To see the Online Auction Album and Auction Rules Click Here Featured Items Closing 10/24/19!!!  Get your Bids in Now!! Tabra Jewelry Set Sterling Silver Vintage Tabra Connector Necklace with 3 connector charms. The Tabra sterling silver half round dragon link necklace chain (16 inches) connects with the charms. There are 3 interchangeable connector charms included: Silver & bronze connector charm with faceted peridot in center (measures 1 1/4 inch), Heart shaped onyx in a sterling silver connector charm (measures 1 inch) and Sterling silver swirl connector charm. All charms have Tabra signature and chain is stamped. Value $900 (R$) Starting Bid: $350    Be the First to Bid!! https://tabra.com/ Thank you, Sandy E. The Body Glove PFD The Body Glove PFD (personal flotation device) is Type III US Coast Guard Approved. Features, UTAK lining with smooth surface for ultra comfort, Outer shell made with Yamamoto Bio Rubber (ultra durable and environmentally friendly, Anatomically cut ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: WILL YOU SAVE MY LIFE TOO??? Matt and I are headed up to get the 9 kids, and had to pull over for a quick question?CAN WE SAVE THIS SPECIAL BOY AS WELL? He is scheduled to ship imminently, and when we got the call, we had to try. He is a gentle giant, albeit a "roachback". But look at that face, he so does not deserve to die. His fee is expensive, as with his weight he will bring a nice fat paycheck if he is shipped to slaughter. Please, let's add him to our list of happy, safe horses. THANK YOU! CLOCK IS TICKING. HE NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW! THANK YOU!! FROM "BIG MATT", (You guessed it, I am naming him after my hubby who sacrifices so much.)** IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP HELPING US SAVE MORE LIVES, YOU CAN GO TO: You can go to gofundmel You can go to Paypal if you would like to help these horses. ->You can donate via check at: (PLEASE NOTE NEW PO BOX #) Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, PO Box # 233 Golconda, NV 89414 You can also donate via credit card by calling Palomino at 530-339-1458. NO MATTER HOW BIG OR HOW SMALL - WE SAVE THEM ALL! SAVING GOD'S CRITTERS - FOUR FEET AT A TIME Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, WIN Project - Rescue & Rehab We are now part of the WIN Organization WIN (WILD HORSES IN NEED) is a 501c3 IRS EIN 55-0882407_ If there are ever funds left over from the cost of the rescue itself, the monies are used to feed, vet, care for and provide shelter and proper fencing for the animals once they are saved. Donate to Help ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: WILL YOU SAVE MY LIFE??? (And my friends?) The baby shown above is going to ship if we do not step up! As of tonight, there are 9 lives at stake, Rescue is overwhelming, the constant need for fundraisers, the calls you cannot say yes to, the constant cries for help. Yet once again, we are stuck. We simply do not have enough funds to save all these kids. We have to be responsible to the horses already at the rescue, and we cannot take on more if we cannot properly care for them. That being said, I believe there are enough folks who care about these precious souls who will step up and help us save them. We have committed to paying for 5, but have not covered the costs yet. Again, we are going on faith, even committing to those 5. It takes an average of approximately $350 per horse, to purchase, get them vetted and have their blood drawn, (so they can be transported) and get them home. That is just to “save them”, and that is just the beginning.. That does not include basic feed or any additional vet care etc. We HAVE to have additional funds for feed & care (hay, grain, vaccines etc.), or we cannot commit to saving them all. Matt and I are willing to do the work, but the horses need your help now! You have saved so many lives, please let’s keep on “Gitten ‘Er done”’ and save ALL 9 of these lives. The donkeys are in extremely poor shape health wise. The stud is extremely aggressive, and has not only plowed over one of our favorite people and sent him flying, he BITES! Their hooves are in horrible shape, and they will need lots of extra care ...
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Thank you for supporting the wild burro protection league!

The following is from TMR Rescue: Here are TMR Rescue we care for several wild mustangs from the american west. Also we care for 66 wild burros. We are in the process of working with the animals and eventually finding them good permanent homes where they are appreciated and loved. We would love your financial support and if possible come visit us and our wonderful animals just north of Houston, TX. Some of our beautiful mustangs at the ranch Just a small sample of our precious wild burros at the ranch. Donate to Help ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Another 911 call today. Shipper in WA has at least 3 for us. I need to let him know asap if we can take them. TWO of them are easily big enough to ship, but we were offered the chance to save them. However, as always, there is a looming deadline. We are so grateful to y'all for helping us save the 71 babies in August and September, but these lives are just as important. We have been absolutely swamped caring for the nearly 90 horses we had at Chilly Pepper, but thankfully, our angels stepped up to help us find placement for many of the babies. We are now close to 30 horses, but that is still a very large number going into winter. We need to stock up on groceries and meds. With temperatures sinking in to the low 20's in the next week, we are fighting the cold weather, "water blues". (Low 20's means freezing water tanks, frozen hoses, broken water lines etc. So we need to buy new tank heaters and get ready for the cold immediately. It's only September, ugh.) We are working on more shelter so all these kids will be comfortable and warm. In the past, this much shelter was not needed, as our numbers were normally lower. However, as we are sitting on close to 30 horses and the weather is already going to be brutal, we need to get the extra shelters set up. Especially as we are (hopefully) heading out to get more. The (4 legged) kids are also eating us out of house and home. We need to order more hay, grain, milk pellets etc. and are now heading to WA, IF we can save these babies. This will mean more vetting etc. (It was over $500 for the last 5). As our coffers ...
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