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The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue: July, 2019 Ears the news... I apologize for the lapse in newsletters. For those of you who do not visit us via FaceBook, you don't know what has been going on here so I will begin with an update. In April we took in six donkeys from a sale barn who came to us very, very ill. Our vet prepared us for the fact that they might not all make it. The donkeys  were diagnosed with  influenza and another virus. One of them, only a baby herself, aborted her foal. Two weeks after that the mules who were not even near the donkeys, came down with strangles. (The donkeys did NOT have strangles) The whole farm was put in quarantine. We beefed up our bio security big time; hazmat suits for all, foot covers, gloves, bleach to clean EVERYTHING anyone touched. Foot baths outside every entrance to every barn, and a change of suits; clothing EVERY time we changed locations. I am happy to report that the donkeys have all recovered. After being brought up to date with vaccinations and having their hooves, which were in horrid condition trimmed they will soon be ready to be adopted.  We have negative test results on three of the mules, and two more will be tested next week. Hopefully they too will have negative results and be ready to go to new homes. This ordeal has been incredibly stressful emotionally. It has seriously impacted our financial footing as well and it's not over yet. We have incurred close to 9,000 in vet bills. We have been blown away by the amazing generosity of our loyal supporters.  If not for this wonderful group of people I don't know how we would have made ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: I am literally sick to my stomach and crying as I write this. The beautiful bay has a so called, "blown out knee". We need to commit to save her right now. She is heading to the slaughter truck, if we don't step up. Look at that leg, it has to be excruciating! That is how she stands (see middle pix). I have to say I am saying YES, praying and believing that y'all would not let her down. Watching her move is beyond excruciating, and I cannot believe any human could leave a horse like that. So she was headed to the slaughter truck, her knee basically broken, and in absolute agony. I am so angry and so sick. I just cried and cried when I saw her trying to walk. We need to call the emergency vet out asap, and I also told my person to GO AHEAD!. I am running on absolute faith, but the person who left this horse like this should be punished beyond belief. On top of that we have her buddy, a 30 year old gelding who is slowly starving as his teeth are in beyond deplorable shape. He has horrible open sores in his mouth from his teeth poking into his gums, and is blind to boot. These horses have been through more pain than any horse should ever suffer. We were told the gelding has cancer, and you can see the tumors all over his head and neck. We need to commit to both of these horses. AND, while I was writing this, I RECEIVED ANOTHER CALL about more orphans at the shipping yard. SO WE NEED HELP, AND WE NEED IT NOW. PLEASE HELP US SAVE THESE 2 and provide what they need ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: MARE # 2 WAS OUR "BONUS MARE". She is in extremely critical shape. Please say a prayer for her! Her colt is also absolutely starved :( PLEASE NOTE - OUR NEW MAILING ADDRESS IS CHILLY PEPPER _ PO BOX 233 _ GOLCONDA, NV 89414 It never seems to end. YOU made it possible to save the original 4 pregnant mares. During that rescue, we were given the option to save the emaciated mare you see in the above photo. There was no way we could leave her, or her starving colt, behind :( In all honesty, she may be too far gone and have too much damage to her organs from being so starved. However, we will give her every single chance to get healthy and have a life. She will need blood work and to be seen by a vet. We have stepped in for so many starvation cases, but sadly we have had 4 or 5 where there was simply too much damage done to their organs. Honey Bandit was definitely a miracle. If you haven't seen his story, you should, if you want a reminder of the miracles that can happen. So we won't quit, unless the horse asks us to respect that they are "done". They will ALWAYS tell you. Here is the link to his story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO2CFim0AYs. Just copy the link and put it in your browser. Then get your tissues and remember he is a happy horse today. He does have some issues, but none that bother him :) or that he is aware of. GOOD NEWS on Lucky Man. We paid his fees, and YOU kept him off the slaughter truck!! Where it gets even better is this. Before Matt picked him up, someone saw ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: ANOTHER 911!! Just got the call for 4 HEAVILY PREGNANT MARES about to ship to slaughter.As you can see below, one of them is already bagging up. As usual, there is an imminent deadline, so we need to save them now! I believe we have been given 24 hours to come up with the funds to save these kids. We NEED to get it done NOW, so we can get that mare to our nursery at Mama Mel's so she can have her baby in a safe and clean environment. I know we are always handling "emergencies", but that is what the "front line, boots on the ground is all about". If not, these beautiful ladies ship. I cannot even bear the thought of that little baby being born in the trailer on the way to slaughter, or the mom's going to slaughter either. Matt is delivering Obsidian and Goldy to their forever homes, and picking up the other kids. We were able to send payment for Lucky Man on time, and he did not ship! THANK YOU FOR THAT! BUT WE NEED HELP RIGHT NOW TO MAKE SURE THESE GIRLS ARE SAFE. Can you even imagine the baby dropping into this world, in the middle of a bunch of terrified and angry horses. He/she would drop onto a filthy floor and be trampled to death. Let's make sure she is born in a clean and quiet place, where her Mama can take care of her and she can nurse and have a life. It was terrifying when I saw Hope had been born in the trailer, but we were equipped and took immediate steps to ensure her safety. Our trailer was not packed, and it was still oh so scary. PLEASE do ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: 24 HOURS TO SAVE "LUCKY MAN". This horse was in the direct ship pen. Thankfully, we received a phone call about him and we have been given 24 hours to save him. Will you save his life?? We are literally his ONLY chance. That is why I named him "Lucky Man",because he was in the position of having zero chance to go anywhere but to slaughter. We don't ask why, just how can we make it happen?? We also received an emergency call about 4 ponies who were dumped and are also at risk of heading to slaughter. I never will understand how folks let their animals nearly starve and then just dump them. However, WE CAN SAVE THEM ALL! IF we raise enough funds, and IF we do it quickly. I have to send money for "Lucky Man" by tomorrow if we are going to save him. We have a bit longer for the ponies, but they are not safe until they are "safe and paid for". Good news on the home front. OBSIDIAN has found his forever home. (With his girlfriend). Unfortunately we need to raise about $ 1400 for fuel, but as seems to happen quite often at Chilly Pepper, God has wrapped all these horses into the same big trip. So we have two of the big ones going to their forever home, TOGETHER :), and we will be picking up and saving 5 more lives. Out of the 7 orphans at Mama Mel's Nursery, we still have 2 available. I have 8 young ones here at Chilly Pepper. So although we have had some wonderful adoptions, including Mama and Baby, we are still going through milk like crazy with the remaining 10 babies. _We had some wonderful donations which has kept us in milk and helped ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: YOU DID IT! We were able to save Mama and baby, as well as the other 15. Mama Mel & Angel were picked up and are currently safe and sound.Poor Angel had some pretty horrific injuries, and we did emergency treatment, pain meds, antibiotics, etc. on arrival and the vet came out the next day to finish clean up. (Mel & I did the immediate care that was needed, but due to the level of pain the additional cleaning would cause, we wanted to wait for the Vet as she had the good pain meds.) This last "combined rescue", y'all saved 15 orphans and Mama Mel & Angel, and you saved 12 just prior to that. (We are still trying to get 5 of them back from being starved and help their injuries heal up.) Thank you for making that possible. However, we are in a serious pinch from all the ongoing vet bills, and milk and feed expenses from the rescue prior and this last one. And of course we are on "stand by" for more babies. Our most recent groups combined had well over $5000 in vet bills, and that is NOT including the $12,000 plus that AWHC stepped up for. This was what we incurred at Chilly Pepper alone. EACH BABY drinks about $300 worth of Foal Lac in a month. I just picked up $900 in milk yesterday, but that will not last very long :( So as of right now, we are going through $3,600 each month, just in MILK POWDER alone, and that does not include any of the medical, shavings for clean dry stalls, milk pellets, grain, hay, and all the other little things these fragile kids need. Every single baby that has come in has had scours and needed meds of ...
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