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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: IT'S GO TIME AGAIN! We received an urgent call for a baby mustang who is fighting for his life, but at this point barely hanging on. I apologize for the photo, but it is what we have and it clearly shows he is starving to death and in extremely critical shape. If you look closely, you can see his top line is completely exposed and simply skin over bones. His coat is ragged and he is obviously wormy and most likely has ticks. When babies get this thin (adults too), the body starts eating itself to survive. (Honeybandit's blood work showed his body was in that mode). That is when you start getting organ damage internally. He has been getting good food, but he obviously needs immediate attention to his health issues. As he is in urgent need of critical care, Matt will be leaving tomorrow to go get him. We are delivering 3 horse kids on the way to WA, so although we will have a couple spaces here, Racoon needs to go immediately to the quarantine nursery. Thankfully, Matt just finished the inside stall this morning. (They say timing is everything lol). We need to purchase stall mats and some panels for an exercise pen so he can begin his rehab once we get him home. We need help with expenses for fuel, Coggins, vet care and special groceries for this baby. We are not sure if he will be ok but we are going to give it our all. We do have to finish his nursery prior to his arrival and we would really appreciate any help you can give this baby. Please help us give "Racoon" a chance to live a long and healthy life. He needs immediate care ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: Happy New Year! What we have all accomplished in 2017 is beyond amazing. Y'all have made it possible to save so many lives. Please remember, every single horse that was saved in South Dakota was partially due to the love and support you continue to show. Our rescue spent a great deal of money on that situation. Although it was only a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of thousands donated by the big organizations, for us the thousands plus that we spent was mind blowing. YOU DID THAT! You made it possible for Matt and I to do what we had to do. In turn, we made it possible for FOA to do what they did. Elaine Nash and Barbara Jo Rasmussen also are partially responsible for the hundreds that we saved this year. If they hadn't stepped up and taken on the re-homing of the horses at ISPMB, we wouldn't have been able to save all those orphans and all the families that you helped us save his year. So by working together, the affects reach further and further down the line without us even realizing it. I wanted to share this. As one of our favorite "family members" so eloquently said, "Hi Lauri! My name is Tina. I am the mother of the young girl you are referring to in your post above. I have to THANK YOU for bringing Frosty into my daughter's life. Frosty lights up her world! Your rescue efforts trickle down to giving a young girl the ability to use her determination, compassion, and love to pour into this sweet and gentle boy! She absolutely loves him. Thank you! I am going to post a few pictures of Madelyn and Frosty's growing relationship ...
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Let’s Start the Year with New Beginnings – Adopt!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Happy New Year!!    2017 was a very special year, and we are glad we got to share it with you. We hope you enjoyed the stories and thank you for your continuing support during  the Deck the Stalls campaign.  Although we haven't reached our goal, we are in a much better position to get ready for another year of horse rescue. In 2017, AAE started the year with 35 horses in our care.  We took in 36 horses, and we adopted 33.  That's an intake to adoption ratio of about 92 percent!!  Intakes were due to a variety of reasons including two orphan foals (Rascal and Cowboy), Blue - the mustang with the large mass on its leg, an abandoned horse with a rope around it's neck, a neglected and emaciated horse, several senior horses in need, and many wild horses and burros in need.  Sadly but compassionately, we helped four of our horses cross the Rainbow Bridge due to severe colic and pain/quality of life issues. With 2017 in the books we are now focusing on the great stories we will be creating in 2018.  Our goal is for each of these adoptable horses to find permanent homes this year! Click on each horse's name for more information. BLAZE DIESEL FOLEY FORD GENTRY JACKSON KIWI MAYA  PRESLEY QUINN RIO SHELBY SMOKEY AAE's 2018-19 Calendars are Here! They are $20 and can be purchased at All About Equine Used Tack Store, or at the barn. Alternatively, Order via the following link: http://www.allaboutequine.org/donate.html (Please note in "special instructions" that you are purchasing a calendar and if you need us to mail yours, kindly add $3 for shipping.) Save The Date!! Our 5th Annual Boots and Bling Event is on May 5, 2018. Tickets ...
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Saved the Best for Last

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Let's Deck the Stalls with Boughs of Plenty for 2018 1 Day Left, AAE Residents! The heart of our volunteer activities begin with our residents.  it all begins with our minis, ponies, and our full-sized horses.  Our new volunteers learn about basic care and handling with our most reliable, trustworthy, and dependable horses.  They have their stories, too, but we don't often talk about them because their story came and went.  Let's revisit.... RUSTY Rusty is our 31, soon to be 32-year old Arabian gelding that came to us in 2010 due to a financial distress and an impending deployment situation. Rusty was loved beyond words, but his mom knew she couldn't give him what he needed, and she worried that when she was deployed, there wouldn't be anyone experienced enough to provide the care he needed for as long as it might be.  So she made the difficult decision to find a safe home for him. Shortly after he arrived, we discovered some really nasty summer sores on his "private parts".  Sadly, they were well hidden, and they were discovered during his vet exam.  It took several vet visits for cleaning with sedation before he healed.  A while later, we found a sarcoid in his ear that started getting irritated and growing.  Ear sarcoids are challenging to treat because the meds can spread into the ear canal and damage the inner ear.  Once again, Rusty had several rounds of treatment with Dr. Stolba until his ear finally healed.  Fortunately, it has been several years, and the sarcoid has not returned. Rusty has been an AAE steady since he got here.  Early on, he gave lessons.  Then he became our go to guy for birthday parties and kids programs.  He has given many ...
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SYALER eNewsletter

The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue: Dear SYALER friends, It's another cold one today but I am feeling very grateful... I'm not living on Mt. Washington, in Northern NH where the temperature was MINUS 78 degrees this morning!!! I'm also very grateful for all our wonderful supporters who have already helped us get closer to our end of the year fund raising goal of $35,000. I'm writing to encourage any of you reading this who have not yet made a donation to please do what you can to help. Reach underneath those couch cushions and send what you find! Every bit really does make a difference. Our supporters are the best. I have become friends with so many who have adopted from us, who donate to us and even those who just call for advice in dealing with issues they may be having with their donkey or mule. Making these friends is a huge bonus of the job. We currently have one, fantastic, full time paid employee. But we have reached the point in our growth that in order to sustain the level of care the animals require and deserve, another part time employee is needed. With the new tax laws taking effect donation write offs will be subject to change. So NOW is the time! Every penny we receive goes toward the care of the animals. Again, I am very, very grateful for the funds raised thus far. Please, on this last day of the year, do whatever you can do to help us continue our mission. I wish everyone all good things in the coming year. May we see more peace, love, and kindness toward each other as well as our animal friends. Ann President & Shelter Manager Donate ...
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Mini but Mighty!

The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue: Let's Deck the Stalls with Boughs of Plenty for 2018 2 Days Left, Mighty Mini Ones! Every day throughout the year, our mini herd is here to put smiles on the faces of our volunteers and visitors.  Our little guys are some of the best ambassadors for AAE and horses alike.  Each has his or her own story of how they came to AAE. PATCHES Patches, the little princess, ha ha!  Patches is an older mini (20-something) that came to AAE from a dog rescue in Fall 2012.  She was on the thin side and a bit lonely.  We thought she'd be perfect for the kids around AAE.  Little did we know, kids weren't her forte.  She tolerated them at best.  Patches idea of a job is eating.  Eating hay, eating grass, eating pellets, eating anything.  Really, eating everything.  If Patches isn't eating, she isn't happy, haha.  Patches is cutest when she trots down to the barn for her morning treat.  She bounces, she smiles, excitement exudes from the tips of her hair.  The trail back to the "farm", on the other hand, is a slow, dreary trip.  Ho hum!  Really, Patches is adorable.  She's a little sass, and a little sweet.  She's the perfect Thelwell pony that needs a story written after her. MARSHMALLOW You met Marshmallow earlier this month, but now you can hear the rest of the story.  Marshy-man came to AAE in March 2014.  He was quite sickly.  He had been at another rescue, and they were unable to solve his problems.  He had been rescued once by this rescue, gone to a therapy home, and returned to be rescued again.  The back story isn't entirely clear, but what we know is that Marshy was a sick guy ...
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