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CHILLY PEPPER – It’s “GO TIME”. 1st 911 of the year. Emaciated, starving Great Grandma n 2 others

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: First emergency call of the new year. 31 year old, Injured, emaciated mare was down in the snow and couldn't get up. 5 total thin? horses that need saved NOW!. Thankfully the 2 mustangs have a safe place to go. I was called for the 3 old horses. Animal Control is involved. So Matt n I are on the way. My son has been there and thankfully Great Grandma was up again. A bunch of wonderful folks were on scene to help, PTL! As I just had surgery, I will be "supervising ". Thankfully both Matt and Travis are available for whatever these horses need. I already have a call into Doc, but we are 7 hours away and funds are extremely low. Please help if you can and say a prayer that Great Grandma stays up and we can help her. Trav took supplies over so at least she has a little bit more energy. We need your help to save these horses! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN HELPING SAVE THESE PRECIOUS LIVES! Please check out our Adoption page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/543121366934903 If anyone wants to help, Supplies can be sent to Palomino Chilly Pepper 12965 Green Saddle Drive, #233 Golconda, NV 89414 checks to PO Box 233, Golconda NV 89414 or Donations can be made at: CashAp-$LauriArmstrong Venmo - @Lauri-Armstrong-2 THANK YOU for everything we have received. ** https://smile.amazon.com/ch/55-0882407 If you shop at Amazon, please go to this link. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP HELPING US SAVE MORE LIVES, YOU CAN GO TO: You can go to gofundme You can go to Paypal if you would like to help these horses. ->You can donate via check at: (PLEASE NOTE NEW PO BOX #) Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, PO Box # 233 Golconda, NV 89414 You can ...
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