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Tell Congress to Pass Popular, Bipartisan Trails


The following is from the American Horse Council:

American Horse Council Action Alert

Tell Congress to Pass Popular, Bipartisan Trails Bills!

As Congress returns for a final, “lame duck” session following the November 6 election, lawmakers have an opportunity to pass widely-supported, bipartisan legislation that promotes access to public lands for equine enthusiasts.   The horse industry seeks to push two major trails bills across the finish line: 

Restore Our Parks and Public Lands Act (H.R. 6510/S. 3172) – The House Natural Resources Committee voted unanimously to pass H.R. 6510, the Restore Our Parks and Public Lands Act, underscoring the bi-partisan support behind the bill.  The House bill currently has 209 cosponsors.  On the other side of the Capitol, Sens. Rob Portman (R-OH) and Mark Warner (D-VA) have joined 33 senate colleagues to give momentum to the Restore Our Parks Act of 2018 (S. 3172).  The Restore Our Parks Act (H.R. 6510/ S. 3172) will fund National Park Service trails maintenance projects by diverting energy development revenues to a new public lands restoration account.   

Recreation Not Red Tape (RNR) Act – Since House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) introduced the RNR Act (H.R. 3400) in 2017, the chairman conducted a full committee hearing, resulting in passage of the legislation in April 2018.   House leadership has the discretion to schedule a vote on H.R. 3400 before the end of the year.  The legislation currently has 12 bipartisan co-sponsors.  On the Senate side, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced a companion bill, S. 1633, which has won bipartisan co-sponsorships from Sens. Donnelly (D-IN), Ernst (R-IA), Tester (D-MT) and King (I-ME).  Although leadership has referred the bill to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, no hearings have been scheduled.

While the Restore Our Parks legislation has quickly gained significant support from lawmakers, the RNR Act has not gained as much traction.  To put more horsepower into the bill, urge your lawmakers to co-sponsor the RNR Act.  Please contact your lawmakers today, and urge them to pass these important bills before the end of the year.

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BREAKING: Judge blocks mare sterilization experiments


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

News & Alerts

This morning a federal judge in Oregon granted our request for a preliminary injunction to stop the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from proceeding with controversial experiments to surgically remove the ovaries of wild mares in Oregon. The experiments were set to begin this month. Due to the experimental design, which requires conducting the procedure on pregnant mares, the injunction effectively means that the research may not proceed for a year, if at all.

It was the second time this week that our attorneys were in federal court fighting against the government’s war on wild horses. And it’s the second time in two years that our legal action has stopped the BLM from proceeding with these cruel surgeries. 

We’re pleased that Judge Michael W. Mosman recognized the strong public interest in humane treatment and protection of wild horses and we’re grateful to our co-plaintiffs — The Cloud Foundation and its Executive Director Ginger Kathrens, the Animal Welfare Institute and photographer Carol Walker for joining us in this fight!

It’s time for the the BLM to reconsider its plans to conduct this inhumane research and focus instead on humane, scientifically recommended forms of population management, including PZP fertility control.

This is an important first step in the fight against inhumane surgical sterilization of our wild horses and burros. We will continue to keep you updated.

Have a good weekend, and thanks for standing with us!

– The AWHC Team



The AWHC Candidate Survey


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

In an effort to continue our education mission, AWHC sent candidates running for federal and statewide office in Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oregon a survey to determine their stance on protecting wild horses and burros, as well as population and land management. We’d like to thank those who responded to the survey for their time in answering the questions, and hope that you find this information useful.

To see if any of your candidates responded to our survey, click here.

AWHC is a non-partisan organization and support for wild horse and burro protection comes from both sides of the political aisle. We urge our supporters to vote next Tuesday and hope that all candidates elected will respect the will of the American people to protect our iconic wild horses and burros on our Western public lands.




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