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Jasper: A Turkey Tale on Rural TV


Jasper the Mule returns to your TV screen this holiday season! Celebrate Thanksgiving with Jasper and all his friends as Jasper: A Turkey Tale airs on Rural TV (Dishnet Channel 232) this week.

As the gang prepares for the big Thanksgiving celebration, Jasper the Mule and his pal, Moxie the Dog, are hot on the trail of adventure! A mishap with a truckload of turkeys turns into a real live mystery, as the boys solve the case of “The Beady Eyes in the Bushes!”

When they make a new friend who is lost and alone, Jasper’s mule-y sense of loyalty kicks in and he is determined to help, no matter what. Will Jasper and Moxie save the day? Will their new friend find his “forever home?” All the fun and warmth of Thanksgiving come to life in Jasper: A Turkey Tale.

Airing on Rural TV (Channel 232 on Dish Network or check your local listings)

  • Monday, November 25 at 7pm ET
  • Wednesday, November 27 at 7pm and 11pm ET

If you don’t get Rural TV or miss the airings, all Jasper episodes are also available for rental on demand.

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Goodbye to Homer


Our hearts go out to Connie Bartels for the loss of her beloved Homer, longtime friend and loyal companion. He will be missed.

“Sunday when we rode while I was taking his tack off I was talking to him telling him what a good boy he is and what a good ride we had. Then I hugged him tightly as I always do….he knew me, and he liked me a lot. To think that I will never ride him again is heart wrenching to me. He was my good friend and buddy…..and I would never find another Homer. I am very sad today, but I am thankful for the many years we were friends. Only mule people would understand this.”


One Quick Call to Help Wild Horses


The following is a post from the American Wild Horse Preservation.

Your Senator can make a difference for wild horses and we need you to call him or her right away.

The so-called Grazing “Improvement” Act is scheduled for action in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday. The bill, among other bad things, would extend the term of federal livestock grazing permits to 20 years from 10 years. This would harm wild horses by locking in the current inequitable system in which livestock are given preferential treatment over wild horses in designated wild horse habitat areas.

While we still oppose the legislation, we may not have the votes to stop it. However, if the bill is going to move, we have a chance to get an amendment attached to help wild horses. The amendment would allow for the voluntary relinquishment of federal grazing permits in favor of non-livestock grazing values, such as wild horses, on public lands. This would allow organizations or individuals to compensate federal grazing permittees on highly controversial grazing allotments for waiving their permits in favor of horses, wildlife, water quality and recreation. Under such a provision, the agency would be prohibited from ever allowing domestic livestock grazing on the allotment again.

As a constituent of a Senator voting on this bill, you can make a difference! It takes just one minute to call your Senator and follow it up with a quick email. Please click below now to speak up for wild horses — the mustangs need your voice today!

Take Action

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