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Activists say horse-slaughter plants face a rough ride


Excerpted from an article by Oren Dorell in USA Today.

Now that Congress has lifted the ban on slaughtering horses, companies plan to open horse-slaughter plants in several states, but animal rights activists say they face a rough ride.

Businesses have filed applications in New Mexico and Missouri and plan to open other facilities in Wyoming and Oklahoma. Horse-slaughter advocates want to produce jobs and lean meat that some consider a healthy delicacy for dinner tables in the USA and abroad. Animal rights groups promise legal obstacles and public protest to using as food animals that helped settle the West.

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Call to Action: Help Stop This Barbaric Donkey Roping Event!


Reader Camilla alerted us to this post rallying equine lovers against an upcoming donkey roping event at the Van Horn Frontier Days festival in Van Horn, Texas. Part of the post is excerpted below.

Donkey roping is a cruel and abusive practice that includes two cowboys chasing a donkey and roping the neck and hind feet for a score and prize money.

Donkeys do not handle this kind of abuse well at all, especially when it is repeated over and over and over again. Unlike calves, who are never roped more than a few times because they are too valuable to damage, donkeys in Texas have no monetary value. Because of this, these donkeys are roped over and over again until they either shut down completely from terror and trauma or are too maimed to continue.

Meredith says: “I have been promoting and training mules and donkeys for more than 36 years, and I can tell you without reservation that this IS animal abuse. These donkeys you are using for your sport in this capacity will be ruined for any normal recreational purpose in the future by anyone else and will result in their demise.”

Please take a moment to contact the Van Horn Chamber of Commerce (one of the supporters) and ask them to put a stop to this. Their contact info is:

P.O. Box 762
Van Horn, Texas 79855
(432) 283-2043, Monday – Friday
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Visit the original post for more information.

June 22, 2012 UPDATE

The following text was added to this petition protesting the event and was sent to us by organizer Diana.

Jason Owen told Newswest9 in his interview that he “bought them off a slaughter truck and they were “skin and bones” Assuming that this was even true, why would anyone waste their time slaughtering skinny donkeys? If you are going to harvest something for its meat, wouldn’t you want them fat and happy?

Here are all facts according to the Presidio USDA inspector who is a friend of Mark Meyers of PVDR:

“Slaughter is off the table. From Van Horn the only crossing into Mexico is through Presidio. Slaughter bound trucks never carry donkeys. The only donkeys that have crossed for slaughter were picked up close to the border and transported to a village where they were slaughtered for local consumption as cheap meat. “

Please help in politely convincing Jason to give the donkeys to PVDR.

Also I was informed this morning that there are a number of people going to Van Horn tomorrow. I need to stress that there should be no confrontations started by the petition supporters. Please observe and report, take photos and video. Be professional. Stay on target!

If you see donkeys being roped or abused in any manner call the Sheriff’s Office at 432-283-2060.

I have notified the reporter that did the story on Newswest9 that some supporters are going so they may send a crew.


Another Augie & Spuds Adventure: Learning to Ground Drive


Our mini donkeys Spuds and Augie got all dressed up and went for a little turn in the round pen, as they successfully completed their first attempt at ground-driving. Check out what they had to say:

Spuds and Augie prepare for their big day.

“Now that's more like it--working at OUR level!”
“A few last-minute adjustments so everything fits us just right!”
“Leading as a team is easy if you’ve done your homework.”
“Hey, I wonder if WE could use one of those sticks to reach farther!”
“Hmm, “Walk on” is pretty much the same, even with all this stuff on us!”
“Pick up your heels, Spuds, I think she wants us to go faster!”
“Not too fast, though… she wants us walking beside her here.”
“Now we’re the leaders—all our hard work in training is finally paying off!”

Europe closer to ending long-haul horse abuse


Excerpted from an article on

The European Commission now agrees that EU legislation on long-distance transport of animals to slaughter needs to be reviewed.

Late last week, the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, agreed with welfare groups that the present Transport Regulation cannot adequately protect animals on long journeys and must be reviewed.

The charity World Horse Welfare said the statement constituted an important change in the position of the Commission, which until now had maintained that enforcement of the present rules would address serious welfare problems still experienced by tens of millions of animals, including 65,000 horses, transported on European roads for slaughter or further fattening every year.

Read more on this development here.

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